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Here are some reviews form my amazing clients. Or alternatively, you can look at some of my reviews on Google and Facebook.

A. F.

I would highly recommend Keith to anyone that was thinking of trying hypnosis. Keith is a very friendly down to earth guy who instantly makes you feel at ease. I had mild O.C.D. which turned into severe O.C.D. because of the pandemic. For the first time I got really bad anxiety and suffered panic attacks. I stopped going out by myself and could no longer do normal daily tasks including eating normally. After the first visit to Keith I returned to work the following day. I can now also go out by myself and do normal daily tasks and best of all I am eating properly again. I honestly can't thank Keith enough he's given me my life back.


After failing my driving test numerous times due to my nerves I thought I'd give Keith a call to see if he could help. I had 2 sessions with Keith before my test, felt really at ease talking to him and on the day of my test I was so relaxed and passed with flying colours. Really impressed and would highly recommend Keith.

L. S.

I have to admit to feeling very anxious before my first meeting with Keith over Zoom. As it turned out all my worries were unfounded. Keith made me feel at ease immediately and I really felt like I had known Keith for a long time.

Keith is so encouraging and open to any sort of discussion. He speaks with knowledge and passion on his subject and I definitely get the feeling that he was eager to listen and willing to help in any way he could.

I now believe that I have been given the tools I need to cope with some of life’s hiccups! I also believe that the anxieties I thought I had, were all my own doing, as with the help and advice that Keith offered, I have realised that it was my brain which needed rewiring to a different way of thinking in response to things that previously always sent me on a downward spiral. A complete revelation to me!

I have found that the counselling and hypnotherapy which Keith offered has introduced me to a new way of thinking and with a little bit of work I have been able to start to create new thinking pathways in my brain which have helped me to re-set the old patterns to which I had become used to. Taking a new path is the way forward!

I have started to give myself the time it takes to be kind to me and take stock at least once a day on where I am.

A big thank you Keith, as you have helped me toward being a better version of myself!! 

Pietra C

I went to Keith a bit sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, I didn’t know much about it and didn’t know what to expect or if it would work as I always imagined it to be like what you see on T.V. or online but I was completely wrong. The reason I started seeing Keith was because I had been in a car crash and had a lot of anxiety about being in cars and driving. I had been looking up on the internet things that other people found helpful and the most common response was hypnotherapy! I was really wanting to get rid of all the anxiety and negative emotions that I felt every time I was in a car so I decided to give it a go. Going to Keith’s sessions really made a huge impact on me and it completely changed my mindset about how I feel driving or being in cars now! Keith is so easy to talk too and really understanding, he gave me loads of helpful techniques and activities that I could do to help the anxiety and I really do think it made a huge difference! He also helped me understand a lot about how the brain works and why I used to think and feel certain things which I thought was so helpful. Keith was really accommodating and all the sessions I went to felt personal which shows how much work he puts into them! He is also very good at keeping in touch and checking up on me throughout which was really appreciated. Keith can help with a wide range of different issues and emotions and I would recommend to anyone who wants help to message Keith! I can’t thank Keith enough for all the help he gave me, he helped me go back feeling like my old self again and I’m really grateful!

David S

I arranged a hypnotherapy session with Keith after suffering from poor sleep for around a year. I had tried various herbal remedies and sleep hygiene measures. I had no problem falling asleep but frequently woke around 2a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep for a few hours. This was beginning to affect me the next day.

Being a man I was quite reluctant and sceptical of hypnotherapy however was reassured by Keith to give it a go. He was professional and understanding and put me completely at ease.

My sleeping has improved and I plan to have more sessions.


I attended for weight loss support and to break the habit of regular drinking. I saw Keith over a period of 3 - 4 weeks and lost on average 3lbs every week. 5 weeks on, I am over a stone lighter and have not drunk any alcohol for 5 weeks. I did not think it would be possible to hypnotise me as I always have a very busy head, but that was not a problem. It felt like a very safe and supportive environment, I would have no hesitation in recommending Keith.


I found Keith to be extremely easy to talk to, non judgemental and empathetic. He quickly identified main focus points and tailored the treatment specifically. During the initial consultation he was able to explain the science behind hypnotherapy and how it could help. After the first session I couldn’t believe how successful it was and followed this up with another 2 sessions. Keith also provided me with techniques to do at home. Can’t thank him enough.

Lorraine Shand

I went to Keith for 3 sessions to deal with my anxiety and phobia problems that I had, he made me feel at ease very quickly and was very easy to speak to. I did find it difficult to face up to my phobia but he let me do it at my own pace and I actually faced up to it for the 1st time in my life. I can't say I was comfortable with it but before I would not have even considered it. Since my last session I have managed to go to a function and not had the issues I would normally have had, so it has worked for me! I would recommend Keith 100% it changed my life so could change yours.

Carol C

Went to Keith not expecting too much but how wrong was I. He made you feel at ease very quick, talked through everything that was going on in my life that was making me feel the way I was, I felt free, like he took the world off my shoulders. I can't explain the feeling I had after that one meeting with him but it certainly worked out well for me. I know who to turn to if It gets too much for me again. I would recomend Keith to any one who was going through what I was, he certainly changed my life for the better.

Alison Reid

I had a few sessions with Keith to help build my confidence. It was so relaxing and after each session I noticed a positive difference. He also gave me some simple strategies to use in future. I’d definitely recommend giving hypnotherapy a try.

5🌟Thanks Keith.

M. Smith

I went to Keith not knowing what to expect of hypnotherapy. I found him very understanding and calm, just what I needed. I would have no hesitation in going back if I feel the need.

Jim G

I was pleasantly surprised how hypnosis helped me control my problems. Keith is very friendly and shows great sensitivity and tact in helping you through your issues.


After struggling for years with anxiety and trouble sleeping, it’s been fantastic to find something that actually works! Keith put me at ease from as soon as I walked in the door and after a few sessions and continuing to do the exercises given to me at home too, the change has been unreal. I don’t know how it works, but it really does! I would highly recommend to anyone, he can help with so many different issues too.

Kati M

Super relaxing sessions, helped me to let go of the past (the visualisation used in one particular session seemed to click with me straight away) and focus more on the here and now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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