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Life changing Hypnotherapy

Are you fed u​p with just getting b​y?​

Have you tried to turn things around but still feel stuck?

Hypnotherapy can help you get unstuck!

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Do you feel as though something is holding you back or you're not good enough? Maybe you feel you were meant for something more or you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? It can be frustrating, affect how you live, your happiness and can lead to  worry and doubt.

You've probably tried to overcome it again and again but just end up more frustrated, maybe questioning if you'll ever be able to turn things around.

But you can, and you already have all the resources to make the transformation you're looking for, you just haven't been using those abilities in the right way.

Nobody should have to live a life of struggle and neither do you.


I know what it's like to  feel frustrated by not living to your true potential and all the worry and doubt  that goes with it.   [Read My Story Here]

I know you've consciously tried to tackle your issue, using reason and willpower. The problem is, your problem is not a conscious one it's a subconscious one.

Behaviour is subconscious and it runs automatically. When you walk, you don't think about it it just happens. Unfortunately, a negative behaviour runs exactly the same way.

You can prepare and talk to yourself as much as you like, but you end up behaving in the same way, and it can leave you feeling hopeless.

Hypnotherapy when done properly works. It works because it goes to the root of the problem, your subconscious. Hypnotherapy allows you to reset to a time before there was a problem and it is safe and relaxing.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is effective and can be quick, often just a few sessions. As each person is different and depending on the nature and size of the problem the amount of sessions may vary.

  • Never been hypnotised?
  • Curious to know what it's all about?
  • Watch this short video.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

  • Work with a fully qualified and insured therapist
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accredited Practitioner
  • Your issue will be dealt with understanding and in the strictest confidence
  • If you are not entirely happy with your 1st therapy session, it's FREE!

Overcome mental blocks

Limiting beliefs are mental blocks that stop you from believing in yourself. Change your beliefs change your life.

Restore balance

A healthy, happy mind contributes to a positive outlook and good health. 

Be who you are

Start doing the things you love, Live with freedom and confidence.


Start living life to the full.

Whether it's Social Anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder, Panic or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it can be quickly brought under control using structure, techniques and hypnotherapy. 


Phobias can be overcome quickly using hypnotherapy. Rid yourself of that crippling fear and get on with living your life.


With the correct knowledge and tools depression can be overcome, freeing you from the worry and exhaustion, allowing you to get your life back on track. 


What you believe about yourself affects what you think you are capable of. Hypnotherapy deals with those subconscious beliefs. Start trusting your own judgment and abilities and feel worthy.


What mental blocks are stopping you in your tracks? 

Life Coaching​

Sometimes all you need is a little help and guidance.

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AB55 5FH


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